3 Knee Strengthening Exercises using Resistance Bands

Often, people who work a lot on their feet or engage in frequent athletic exercises cause cumulative injury to their knees. This constant knee pain can be debilitating and consistent. This is often caused by patella tendonitis (jumper’s knee), a weakening of the tendons in the knee. But this condition doesn’t have to be permanent. Not only are there plenty of exercises you can do to strengthen your knees and reverse such damage, using resistance bands are especially effective in this capacity. Here are just a couple of resistance band exercises you can do to strengthen the knee and help them get stronger.

Terminal Knee Extension

Knee ExtensionTerminal Knee Extension

This is an exercise that stresses the knee’s end stage of motion, from a partially bent position rather than a fully bent position (which is useful seeing as fully extension of the knee often causes the worst knee pain). Attach a resistance band to any stationary object while wrapping the other end around the back of the knee. Next, step backwards to create tension in the band. As you do this, translate your knee forward. Finally, flex the leg quad and stick your knee downward as you straighten your leg.

Lying Glute Extension

Glute ExtensionGlute Extension

The glute muscles also can contribute to knee pain, since this also tightens your hamstrings that pull against your quads. Lie face up on the floor while keeping your left leg (or which even knee is causing you pain) bent. Hook your left foot into a resistance band and pull this leg as far over your right side as your able to (reverse this motion if it’s your right knee having issues).

Lying Hip Extension

Hip ExtensionHip Extension

This exercise is excellent at increasing the range of motion of your hip flexors. Lie on your back with a resistance band wrapped your ankle with your knee raised to your chest. Gradually extend this knee until your leg is fully extended, then pull back. This helps strengthen weak glute and hip flexors that are too tight, which can exacerbate knee pain.

These exercises are designed to be low impact, complete as many as sets are you are physically comfortable with. Knee strengthening and pain elimination is a gradual process at which through consistent rehabilitation can be achieved. As you work to eliminate the pain, you can opt for a Patellar Strap to help you reduce during your daily activities. Stay tuned for more helpful resistance band knee exercises in our next post.

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