3 More Knee Strengthening Exercises using Resistance Bands

Cumulative pain from overworking the knee can be cause by a condition referred to informally as jumper’s knee. This is what doctors call Patella tendonitis – an injury to the tendon connecting your kneecap to your shinbone. This can be both acute and sudden from a single injury or gradual from increase stress on the tendon. Luckily there are exercises you can go to strengthen this tendon, and these drill are aided by the use of resistance bands. Here are three more resistance exercises you can do to strengthen this connective tissue in your knee.

Stork Stance Exercise

Stork StanceStork Stance

Being able to fully and terminally extend the knee can help strengthen your quads and the muscles in your ship – taking a significant strain off of your knee. Set up just how you would for the Terminal Knee extension exercise mentioned in the first article (resistance band around knee with the other end of the band around a stationary object). As before, drive your heel into the ground as you extend your knee downward from a bend position, but this time, do so while your other foot is lifted off the ground.

Lying Knee Extension

Lying Knee ExtensionLying Knee Extension

Ground-based resistance movement are great at working the hamstrings. Lie on your back while a resistance band is wrapped around your ankle of your leg while your bad knee is raised to your chest. Slowly extend this knee until your leg is extended fully, then go back to the starting position.

Side Steps

Side StepSide Step

Side steps are excellent at strengthening your hip abductors, taking much of the strain off of your knee. Wrap the resistance band above both your knee of you want to decrease the amount of resistance in this exercise, below your knees if you want a medium amount of resistance or around your ankles for maximum resistance. Step sideways until the band is pulled out to the maximum length you’re able to extend it. Slide your pivot foot over to re-create your starting stance. Repeat this movement for 10-20 ft. in one direction, then reverse this motion for the other direction. As your hips get stronger, you should be able to extend the band wider and side step for longer distances than 10-20 ft.

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